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Acoustic Guitar Riff Lesson: Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)

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  1. Tomas,
    This is an outstanding lesson , I have watched the David Gilmore video several hundred times both because it is one of my favorite tunes and to see if I could copy what I saw.
    I couldn’t ! Not even close.
    That all changed with your lesson today.
    Thank you.

    Alan Wayne
    North Palm Beach, Florida

  2. I liked the song Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. One suggestion that I would like to make is that many times I would like to be able to back up a few seconds to either hear or see what you said or did, but the video runs straight through. I would be nice if there was a pause and a back up to replay without having to replay the whole video. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks Chuck. Great idea. This may help for now until I can figure something out: That lesson is on YouTube as well. When you’re watching it on my website you can click in the lower right-hand corner and it will send you to the YouTube video. There you’ll be able to go back and forth using the little bar.

      Take care Chuck,

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