Chords And Strumming


Most guitarists like myself get their start by learning how to finger a few chords and picking up a few simple strum patterns. Then comes the leap into playing songs. Unfortunately, most quickly find out that switching from one chord to another in time is harder than it looks. Then there are pesky issues like buzzing strings, sore fingers. and the infamous F chord (read barre chord).

Fear not! Below is some of my best content on these topics compiled from over 40 years of learning, performing and teaching.

The three linchpins for playing songs on the guitar


Learn proper fingering, how to avoid tension, and how to become competent at changing chords smoothly.


You can sound like a pro with a few simple strum patters IF you learn the secrets to groove and flow.

Easy Songs

Playing songs is a fun way to practice your budding guitar skills. Balance playing songs with strategic exercises to continue improving.

All About Chords

Many of the problems that students encounter can be avoided by learning proper technique from the beginning. This includes both correct fingering and hand position as well as how to change from one chord to another smoothly.

 Chord Challenges Solved!

Here you'll find practical detailed lessons on how to solve issues such as buzzing strings, sore fingers, and changing chords smoothly. With a reliable method and practice, you’ll find these “challenges” become opportunities.

All About Strumming

Learning strumming patterns is important. But developing a great strumming technique on the guitar is more than just learning patterns. Here you'll find lessons on how to develop good rhythm and how to learn the techniques that'll help you sound like a pro.

Easy Guitar Songs

Once you’ve learned some chords and strums it’s time to apply them to songs. Here’s a collection of “song” lessons that are perfect for budding guitarists. Choose the ones that are best for your level and interests.

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