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Acoustic Guitar Tips And Tricks – Three Note Chords

One way to add some color to your acoustic guitar playing is to add some three note chords. 

In this lesson I'll start with a few forms of the 3 note chords and show you a few examples of how to use them. 

In the last example I do a fingerpicking pattern. If this is something you'd like to learn more about be sure and leave me a comment and let me know. I'd be happy to create a lesson on this if there's enough interest.

Download The Cheat Sheet Here:

>> Three Note Chords Cheatsheet

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  1. Hi Tomas,
    Firstly, Belated Happy Birthday!
    Great lesson! These chords produce such a beautiful sound.
    Could you please please do the finger style lesson too?!
    Look forward to your lessons each week!
    Aamna (Mumbai, India)

  2. Hi Thomas
    Thanks for another great lesson and Happy Birthday!

    I wish you would do a complete course on fingerpicking I would definitely get it I enjoy your style of teaching-every note explained which is what I need
    All the best

  3. Love your relaxed fun way of passing on your love of music. Will you please give us the lesson for the Finger picking you did at the end of this video

    Thanks Gary

  4. Thanks for the lesson. I love finger picking but being a beginner I think it is a little ahead of me. Still working on open chords and strumming.

  5. Happy Birthday. I will turn 66 in a couple of weeks. Maybe I will be able to play the guitar decently by the time I am 70. Thanks again for your lessons. I sure learn a lot.


  6. Hey Tomas,

    It would be great if you could do a lesson on the finger-picking pattern that you just used.
    Great work by the way.

  7. Tomas, you always pick me up with your cheerful and fun personality.
    At 85, I never thought I would be inspired to learn guitar(from a young 60 year old!)
    I am a member of your program, for some time. My progress is slow, but I always enjoy
    picking up my guitar and attempting to follow your lessons.
    While I am still stuck on basics, I have learnt sveral chord patterns, strumming, and music theory.
    I may never achieve my goals, but I certainly have fun trying.
    THanks for your lessons, your enthusiasm, and encouragement.

    Lanny Prout
    Alberta, Canada

  8. Hi there Tomas,

    I really enjoy your lessons and your enthusiasm. I like that 3 chord notes lesson but is it possible to slow down more for the picking part and really show how you are doing that neat picking, which finger picking which string…?

  9. Happy birthday Mr. Michaud! I’ve just been through this watershed myself… scary stuff! As my old Dad used to say… I tried to count the candles but was driven back by the heat. I’m one of the ones who (as well as having fingers that are far too short and fat etc..;) is also way, way too old for starting this caper.. (I jest, but only a bit) but I find your constant enthusiasm and cheerful approach a great joy.
    Thank you for all your efforts! I battle on…..
    Sincerely, Andrew McCallum

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