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Fingerpicking Pattern With Three Note Chords – Lesson #2

In the previous video I gave you an introductory lesson on three note chords. Many of you liked this and left me comments asking me to do a lesson on the fingerpicking pattern I played at the very end of the video. 

So… As requested… here is that fingerpicking pattern. 

In this short video I show you the pattern step-by-step. Once you learn the basic pattern you can apply it to each of the three note chords all the way up and back down the neck.

Be sure to download the cheat sheet below which includes both the notes and the tab to support the video. 

I've also added some guitar chord diagrams for the last two chords since I didn't include them in the previous lesson.

Download The “3 Note Chord With Fingerpicking Cheat Sheet” Here:

>> Note Chords With Fingerpicking (revised) Cheatsheet

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    1. Tomas, I really love the way you teach and I show your videos to my college beginning class. I also encourage them to enroll in your class after our class is over.You seem like a player who learned from the Noad book. And perhaps the Shearer book, and some others. It is very obvious to me that you have had great training (as I have). But I would love to have any tips from you as to how to teach in person. You have a great personality online, and I wonder how I can get that in person?

      1. Thank you for your kind words Stephen. That’s a good question. No one has ever asked me that. I’ll have to think about that a bit. – Tomas

  1. Hi Tomas

    The tab you have provide for this lesson does not seem to follow the finger pattern you are demonstrating, or am I reading it wrong. Cheers Tony

    1. Hi Tony, I wouldn’t be shocked if I made a mistake… But in this case I didn’t just check it in the pattern seems to be right. In other words what I wrote what playing of the same.

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