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Easy Acoustic Guitar Riff Lesson: More Than A Feeling (Boston)

Were gonna break this down into two sections.  

First Section

So the first section looks like this (strumming) that’s a D suspended. I’m using a D form and then I go back to the D then back and I take my first finger off to put the open G okay let’s do it slow a little bit now. I’m using the pick and 

I’m doing both up and down picking starting with the down pick. On the fourth string, I make my D form. You can put the pinky down. First if you want I have a tendency to put it down just before I need it.

Okay now I’m hitting the fourth string, now going on to the second string and I’m using an up pick there down on the third string so now I’m putting my pinky down and hitting up on the first string, back to the fourth string.

Now I take my pinky off, first string, second string I’m still doing up pick and then I’ll take my first finger off and hit that open third string.

One more time, I’ll do it nice and slow. Fourth string, second string, third string, first string with the pinky down, back to the fourth string, first string.

I’m doing my second string take my first finger off so try it with me nice and slow – fourth string, second string, try it one string, third string, down, up on the first string and put the pinky down back to the fourth string down pick.

Now up on the first string, take your pinky off, up on the second string and take your first finger off and open G third string – that’s it. That’s the first half so I’d recommend practicing that and now I’m gonna go on to the second half.

Second Section

Second half looks like this (strumming) that’s the second string I kept hitting and then back to the start and so on. So let’s break that down a little bit.

I’m starting with moving my second finger over to the third fret fifth string, it’s a C note by the way. Makes a kind of a C chord. I call it C suspended too, though gonna have a few names. If you ever know the name is incorrect, don’t get mad at it.  

I kept my third finger there on the second string and were gonna hit that second string a lot, third fret second string so its fifth string. I’m going down on the third string open and then up on the second that’s down fifth string, down third, up on the second then I moved my first finger to the second fret and take off my second finger, same picking pattern, third string and second and then I stretched my second finger over to the G note that’s the sixth string, third fret, hit that, down and then up on that same second string and that’s it.

Let’s do it again. Try it with me just nice and slow. Don’t worry if you don’t get it now, I’m not expecting perfection.

Download the Worksheet Here:

>> More Than A Feeling (Boston) Riff Tabs

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  1. Hi Tomas,
    Just a quick note to say thanks so much. You are a gifted musician and wonderful instructor. I just turned 70 and needed a new pastime, so I’m learning to play with your help. My fingers are not quite as flexible as they once were but I am making progress. I love your approach and sense of humor. Keep up the great work!

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