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Real Guitar Live #29 | The Mystery of Slash Chords on Guitar

Slash chords are useful though sometimes mysterious things for guitarists. Many of us first encounter them in a song have no idea what to do. 

In this lesson, we’ll dispel the mystery and give you some practical ways to practice and be prepared for them. 

Here’s what we talk about.

  • What Are They?

  • How to Say the Name?

  • You can almost always use the first chord.

  • Explain inversions

  • Why do we use slash chords?

    • Stepwise bass lines

    • Keep the same bass note (pedal tone)

    • Variation and contrast

  • Practice

    • Common patterns that use slash chords

    • Experiment with adding slash chords with common chord progressions


​Questions Answered:

[15:17] I'm having trouble by not making the chord changes in time with whatever song I practice. What is good practice to do to improve the chord changing?

[19:56] When I make the chords my thumb seems to want to go to the side of the thumb instead of being flat on the fretboard, what can I do to play with the thumb being flat? - - 

[22:39] I find the high E string is hard to Barre. Please... any solution?

[27:25]  I’ve composed a song yesterday. I want to transpose this to a different key. How can I tell what’s the key? 

[30:47] Can it be in the key of G? If so the number 2 chord is out of key as it should be Am (not A major)? Or maybe it’s in the key of D.

[33:14] Actually, does it really make any difference? Do they both give the same result?

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