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Two Chord Key Change – Simple But Awesome Guitar Exercise

Why The Two Chord Key Change?

This is a guitar exercise I like to give all my beginning students. Often I'll give it to a more advanced student if I think they need to review basics.

It's a simple exercise but very powerful. On the surface it looks like you're just practicing chord changes… And that's true. But there's more to it than that.

Go ahead and download the guitar exercise cheat sheet below and use it as a reference as you watch the video and practice the exercise.

Download The Guitar Exercise Cheat Sheet Here:

Two Chord Key Change Guitar Exercise Cheat Sheet

The Circle Of Fifths

Though this is not a lesson on the circle of fifths I wanted to briefly point out the relationship.

If you look carefully you'll notice that the exercise cycles through the circle of fifths. It starts on the E chord and then goes  through the keys in reverse.

In the exercise we are first establishing the key by playing the one chord in the key, the five chord , and then the one chord again.

For example… The E is the one chord and the B7 is the five chord in the key of E.

Then we change the E chord to E7. This becomes the five chord in the key of A which is the next key in the circle of fifths going in reverse.

Once again we established the key by playing the one chord, in this case A in the new key, the E7 or five chord, and then the one chord again.

Once again the A changes to and A7 and the cycle continues.

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