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Rumba Flamenco Strum & Barcelona Nights

In this lesson you'll learn a basic version of the flamenco rumba strum that is the foundation of the flamenco rumba style of music. There are many versions of the strum but I consider this one one of the best to start off with.

In addition we will use a chord progression that is in the style of Barcelona Nights, the song that first propelled Ottmar Liebert into the public spotlight.

I first heard Barcelona Nights by Ottmar Liebert while driving in my car. I remember it was early morning and it's the first time I heard Spanish guitar on the radio. I had already been exposed to Gypsy Kings and love the music. He reminded me of the wonderful trip I had to Spain and all the friends that I've made their.

But hearing Ottmar Liebert awakened in me a desire to express myself in a more authentic way. It was the beginning of what turned out to be quite an adventure creating my own brand of Spanish guitar inspired music.

I still enjoy listening to Ottmar Liebert today.

On this Cheat Sheet I've written out the main theme on the song. The verses are much more improvised, but if you'd like to take a stab at them there's the complete sheet music here: Ottmar Liebert – Nouveau Flamenco. The song Barcelona Nights is one of the songs among many. 

Another possibility, which is one I often use, is to use software to slow down the song and pick up the notes by ear. It doubles as a form of your training. Here's a link to the software I currently use, though there are many other very good ones.

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  1. Really enjoy your Spanish guitar lessons. In Spain for 7 weeks working on your course. I’m playing Spanish style at parties and going down ok. Thanks for the help. Ken

  2. I love your rumba, flamenco and bossa nova the best. Keep it coming. When I practice, I want to hear something that sounds good.

  3. I was watching your other video concerning the lick for stand by me, by ben e. king it was in part not very clear, what you could of done was to diagram it with its frets one step at a time while you were explaining it.

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