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RGS Live # 22 | Fingerpicking: Beyond Basics with Vince Mellone

Welcome to the latest episode of Real Guitar Live! This month we have guest instructor Vince Mellone who is a talented guitarist and an expert guitar teacher with over 20 years of experience teaching children and adults of all levels.

Here's a short description of the training he'll be offering...

Beyond Basic Fingerpicking. A study of right-hand fingerstyle technique that adapts some of the basic principles of fingerpicking. We will break down a passage in the song Dust In The Wind and how to approach it. This approach can then be applied to many other songs.

   Questions Answered:

[18:23] Now that I've mastered the barre chords, when do I use them? When should barre chords be substituted for open chords or when should they be combined in a song with open chords? Is there an advantage of barre chords over open chords (except in instances such as the F chord that there is no other way to play it)?

[22:41] When I practice, should I practice slow, or as fast as I can, or that my fingers will LET me?

[26:37] Can you go over the fingernail thing again VS not really hitting on your finger?

[29:05] As a new player, 6 months, can I or should I learn both playing chords AND fingerpicking, or stay with one or the other?

[31:58] When I do hit the fleshy part, I seem to hear the windings of the strings. Is that ok?

[33:09] I’m having a hard time making artificial harmonics on an acoustic guitar - specifically the picking hand part. Got any tips?

[35:39] Let's say that I have a tune running around in my head. I sit down with the guitar to find the chords. I discover that the key of C fits the tune except for one chord that isn't quite right with the standard chords but seems to need some variation. How do I figure out what variation to use? There are so many variations of any chord that it seems to be an almost impossible task unless there are some definite guidelines. What do you suggest?

[40:30] I’m a student of yours. Do you have chord charts on your website? Some of these are confusing me. I learned a G chord a different way, but the way you teach it sounds better.

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