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Real Guitar Live #51 | Q & A – Switching Chords Faster

Get your guitar questions answered! I also use this session to give some deeper instruction on different aspects of playing guitar like switching chords faster, strumming using your fingers, barre chords, and more!

[01:43] How to Change Chords Smoothly

[16:25] Exercises for barre chords

[23:33] How to get started on barre chords? Are there exercises to make your hands stronger?

[26:35] What's the advantage of a 12 string acoustic guitar over a regular 6 string?

[30:00] If I have a melody in my head, how can I find the right chords for my melody?

[34:15] How do you strum using your fingers?

[38:10] How many hours should I practice guitar every day to become a master guitar player?

[41:25] Is strumming with a pick a combination of slightly twisting the wrist and moving the arm when you strum?

[42:53] Do you know of any easy jazz chords or simple progression I could mess around with for fun?

[45:37] I’ve traded in a slightly bigger guitar for a slightly smaller one. Now I am having trouble with the A chord. Is the smaller guitar responsible, or me?

[49:30] What is a good warm-up exercise when starting to play\practice, and how long should we warm-up for?

[51:18] Will a capo benefit a beginner?

[53:30] What is the easiest way to memorize scale patterns and recollect while playing? What is the best way to recognize notes?

[59:23] Do you have any suggestions as to the string gauge such as light or medium for a beginner guitarist especially moving to barre chords?

Every month I do a Live Q&A session to cover any guitar questins that you might have. If you want to be notified about these Live Q&A sessions in the future, head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe. We have these the first Thursday of every month. Make sure to ring the bell for notifications so you don't miss these!

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