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Real Guitar Live #50 | Q & A – How to use “Pedal Tones”

In this live guitar Q&A session, I answer questions like: What are pedal tones and when and how would I use them (with examples)?, What is the difference between a classical guitar and a flamenco guitar?, Is offline or online music learning better?, and more!

[01:37] What are pedal tones and when and how would I use them?

[08:50] How do you make harmonics sound good and how do you incorporate them into songs?

[11:52] What's a nice way to end off a song that is in soft-rock style so that it sounds professional?

[14:36] Is offline or online music learning better?

[17:43] Can you use a guitar capo on the ukulele?

[21:40] Recently you released a lesson called "How To Make Open Chords More Interesting". Within the lesson, you taught G-Am7/G and demonstrate this with a little riff added. Could teach the riff to us. How did you choose it? I see that it is made up of a triad or some part of one, but how did you know what notes to choose?

[28:50] Will you be posting more Christmas songs on RGS?

[30:31] I play a parlor size acoustic guitar with steel strings. But I would like to try a similar size nylon string guitar. Do you have any suggestions?

[32:47] How many years does it take to master guitar?

[35:06] What is the difference between a classical guitar and a flamenco guitar?

[38:15] I thinking of purchasing a resonator guitar. Can the action be adjusted?

[38:54] I often play beginner versions of chords (2 strings, not 3). Any suggestions for F or  B chords?

[42:25] Any suggestions on how to change from a four finger G to C quickly? I want to play G, then C for one count, then back to G for the next measure in Jackson Browne's "Before The Deluge"?

[47:55] Any plans to do a full play-along for your Take it Easy Video?

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