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Real Guitar Live #47 | Learning New Chords Fast

Every month I do a Live Q&A session to cover any guitar questins that you might have. This month I answered questions about barre chords, learning new chords, strumming faster, and more! If you want to be notified about these Live Q&A sessions in the future, head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe. We have these the first Thursday of every month. Make sure to ring the bell for notifications so you don't miss these!

[2:47] I don't have any problem with fingering basic chords, even barre chords, but when I come across a new chord, like for instance C7b9, I have real trouble. What is the best way to learn (muscle memory) any chord?   What is the best course in Real Guitar Success concerning chords?

[18:07] Does playing chords in different styles help?

[20:00] In the last live session you spoke about that when improvising to "feel" if the notes are right. Could you talk about the importance of “groove” in creating a musical solo?

[22:17] How to take the next steps from open chords to barre chords as a beginner?

[27:23] Do you have a stand-alone lesson on learning barre chords?

[27:57] The cornerstone of country style music is the use of alternating bass notes and bass runs. Can it be done on the ukulele and if so, can you please demonstrate how?

[32:24] How do you play a major moveable scale pattern with the root on the 5th string?

[36:38] Please give me some ideas of interesting transitions between the verse and the chorus of a song if both of them end and begin with the same chord. I know that I could use a 7th chord, but I'm interested in something a little different.

[44:36] Any good exercises for keeping your fingers close to the fretboard?

[48:49] How to practice keeping in time while fingerpicking?

[52:00] How should I plan a guitar schedule for one hour a day as a beginner? What are the different techniques and styles that I should include in that duration?

[56:35] How to strum faster?

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If you're not ready for the step-by-step help available in the Barre Chords for Everyone course this blog post has a lot of help for those struggling with bar chords.

Barre Chords | The Ultimate Guide

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