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Real Guitar Live #45 | Q & A Session

Every month I do a Live Q&A session to cover any guitar questins that you might have. This month I answered questions about speed, guitar strings, improvisation, and more! If you want to be notified about these Live Q&A sessions in the future, head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe. We have these the first Thursday of every month. Make sure to ring the bell for notifications so you don't miss these!

[03:10] Can a pickup that I buy separately and attach to the guitar be used instead of buying a guitar that comes with one installed by the factory? Will the sound be comparable?

[09:08] When playing a B major barre chord (A-Shape) form I know that ideally mute the high E string. Is it also true when moving it up a half step to play the C major chord should I also mute the high E string?

[10:46] How do I get my pinky finger on my fretting hand to stop following my ring finger?16:04 Why not find a song you like that has a skill or multiple skills you want to achieve and practice the skill whilst learning the song?

[21:25] What do I need to learn to play lead guitar more efficiently?

[27:20] When I play the Cadd9 or the G chord my left ring finger and pinky bend backward on the 3rd fret, 1st, and 2nd strings. Can you recommend any exercises to help overcome this issue?

[32:15] What is the best brand for a guitar and/or guitar strings?

[37:05] How do I increase speed while playing scales on guitar?

[42:40] When playing lead guitar, like improvising over a backing track, how important is speed?

[44:34] What specifications should I check out when buying a guitar?

[46:00] How many repetitions of a particular skill (learning new chords, chord changes, scales, etc.) are needed until muscle memory takes over?

[50:28] How can I know when I've reached my limits in a particular area?

[53:15] How many songs should I try to learn at a time?

[56:30] Can you explain the composition of a chord and is there a formula behind it?

[58:34] Are there exercises that deliver the most "Bang for the Buck" for Barre Chords?

[01:00:27] Any tips for someone who is “scared” to play around and improvise?

[01:04:43] With chords involving my index finger my finger naturally goes sideways rather than the tip hitting the fretboard. Is this OK?

[01:06:37] How often should I be changing strings?

[01:08:57] How do I go from playing chords to playing songs?

[01:14:27] What is the youngest age that a child can learn to play ukulele?

[1:16:55] How long does it take the strings to settle in?

[01:19:08] Should a child learn to play the ukulele before the guitar?

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