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G9 Chord – Three Variations For Your Guitar Playing Enjoyment

Learn these three useful forms of the G9 chord. There are many versions of the G9 chord, but in this lesson I've isolated the three I find most useful. 

The first variation is the easiest in the open position. The second variation I believe you'll find the most useful of all, but also possibly the most difficult to play… at least in the beginning. 

The final version of the G9 chord is a bar chord. If you're comfortable with bar chords you should find this fairly easy to play. 

I recommend you download the G9 Chord Cheat Sheet and refer to it as you watch the video to make it easier to see where I put my fingers.

G9 Play-Along Track

​I created this play-along track to give you a chance to practice the G9 chord.

On the track I am only using two chords… The C7 and the G9 chord. I started out playing version 1 of the G9 chord, then after playing the entire eight bar exercise four times I switch to version 2. Finally after playing the exercise with version 2 all the way through 4 times I switch to version 3.

​Here are some ideas on how you can use this track:

1. You can play along with the track and use any version of the G9 throughout the entire track. There's no reason you have to change to a different version when I do Even if we are playing two different versions at the same time it will still sound good. This will allow you to practice one version.

2. If you'd like to work on all three versions you can change when I change. You can figure out where I change either by following along on the cheat sheet I've provided or just listing careful for the different sounding chord.

3. You can attempt to use the strum that I'm using or simply strum straight down. I'd suggest strumming straight down to start just to get the chord changes. Practice the rhythm separately and then put them together. I've written out a simple version of the rhythm on the cheat sheet if you'd like to give it a try.

4. You could always jam lead guitar along with the track. For the scale I'd go with the C major pentatonic, but that's not the only possibility. Since this lesson is not about playing lead guitar I'll leave it at that.

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