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How To Choose The Best Beginner Guitar

This depends on size, style of music you want to play and  tolerance for pain.

The Guitars I Talk About In This Video Are:


3/4 Size Student Nylon Stringed Guitar

Full Size Nylon Stringed Guitar (Classical Guitar)

Full Size Classical Guitar With Thin Neck

Acoustic Steel Strings (Dreadnaught) Guitar

Full Size Electric Guitar

3/4 (sometimes called 7/8) Electric Guitar

Guitar Student Size Chart

When a child is between a 3/4 and 4/4 guitar in terms of their age or height, I prefer they get the larger guitar. Children grow quickly. Why buy a smaller guitar if you’ll need to buy a larger one in a few months.

That said, even though a child can learn to play on a guitar that’s much too big for them, it will be much easier to get their fingers around the neck of the appropriate size guitar.

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How To Select A Guitar For Beginners
What's The Best Beginner Guitar?
How To Choose The Best Beginner Guitar
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  1. Hi Tomas,
    A very instructional video, just a pity I had not seen it before I bought my two guitars, steel-string and then nylon string.
    However, in time I hope to make some progress with both guitars.

    Many thanks again for a very good video.


  2. I’ve got the finger picking pattern down. In fact, is seems as if it is becoming easier and easier to learn and memorize. But, I am stumbling a bit on the 3 Note Chord structure so I definitely still have a ways to go. Nonetheless, Thank you for the Instruction and Lesson!

  3. Good guide. But a beginner can have much more problems with a decision about “what guitar to buy”. When I started playing the guitar, I had a lot of problems with choosing a suitable guitar. To simplify the process the main thing at once, you need to decide in which style you will play. It is also very difficult for a beginner to appreciate the quality of a musical instrument. Do not be lazy and check the sound of each string on every fret. There should be no distortions and knock. It’s also important that you like a guitar externally. Change the strings after buying the guitar. As a rule, on new guitars sets quite cheap demonstration strings! Be sure to take the warranty card and check.

  4. I have a Yamaha guitar and my upper inner arm is pinched reaching over the body of the guitar to pick the strings. Very uncomfortable.

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