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Weekly Update 7 – Reggae Strum-House Of The Rising Sun

Here’s the links mentioned in the video:


Real Guitar Awesomeness

Guitar Strumming Patterns #1 – Super Cool Reggae Guitar Strum Lesson

Guitar Songs To Learn #4 – House of the Rising Sun

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Weekly Update 7

Hey there. Tomas Michaud here. I’ve got a few things for you today. The first I want to start off with I’ve had a few people asked me about my new course and what’s the difference from the course that I have up now.

Real Guitar Awesomeness so let me go ahead and explain to everybody in case some other people are wondering as well. I’m working on a new course it’s called New Flamenco Spanish Guitar. It’s a stylistic course specific to the style of music that I’m best known for. You might think Gipsy Kings, Ottmar Liebert it’s a Spanish style guitar.

It’s not a beginning course. I’m not going for something really, really advance but I do wanna be authentic. I wanna show you the techniques and give you the tools
to play the kind of music that’s the real thing not just some watered down version so you know, I’m balancing sticking to things that are accessible but at the same time our real stuff. I’m creating a series of tunes and then
showing you some techniques and then applying them to the tune and then going out to the next tune. I think it’s gonna be really great by the way.

My Real Guitar Awesomeness course is out now. It’s a fundamental chords with starting from very scratch, basic chords, strums, how to get from one to the other and moving on to very advance stuff bar chords, more advance progression, songs to demonstrate everything, how to do more advance strums. A lot of theory, note reading and a lot of explanation how to practice
and how to think. I really conclude the foundation for any style of music that you wanna so I hope that helps.

You can check out my Real Guitar Awesomeness Course. I put a link below to some more information.

My New Flamenco Spanish Guitar Course, I’m trying to get it done in time for Christmas, we’ll see. It is very time consuming but it’s a lot of fun too.

I’ve had a request for a reggae type strum and that’s the strum that I do use often and I go ahead and taught in this week’s update. I’ve created a video on how to do a basic reggae strum. You can find the link
below. I think, you’ll have fun with it. It’s a short video but I get to the point pretty quick.

I also have a new song for you for those of you who like to learn songs and it’s a pretty easy song it’s called House of the Rising Sun, originally Eric Burton I’m recognized mostly but it is an old tune that I don’t know the original author of it, old blues tune but it’s very fun to play because of the chord progression and I’m sure if you check some tips make it interesting.

I’ve put links below to everything we talked about here in this video also I would love to read your comments this week. Leave me some comments below especially if you have some ideas or requests or things you’d like to see in
my lessons or in my updates. I hope you have a great rest of the day if you’re watching this in the morning. See you next week. Bye for now.

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