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How To Use A Guitar Pick To Play “Smooth As Silk” Rhythm Guitar

How To Use A Guitar Pick To Play “Smooth As Silk” Rhythm Guitar

While a guitar pick is small, it plays a vital role in playing “smooth as silk” rhythm guitar. The key to achieving a smooth strum when playing with a guitar pick is learning how to hold the pick just right—so that the sound you deliver does not sound tight, and instead gives you the smooth clear sound you desire.

A common mistake many players make is to clench the pick tightly, which delivers a tight sound. If you have yet to master how to successfully hold your guitar pick so that the sound is just right—keep reading below.

Perfecting Placement For Rhythm Guitar

You may have to play around with precisely where to place the guitar pick. Although it needs to be above the first knuckle, even the movement of a quarter of an inch can make a world of difference. You will likely achieve the best sound when playing rhythm guitar if you place it a bit more toward the tip of your finger.

As far as your thumb placement, you want to roll back towards your thumb so that you have some movement—but the pick can still wobble as needed.

Perfecting Placement For The Melody Or Lead

While you need a somewhat loose guitar pick when playing rhythm guitar, you need a tighter pick when playing a more precise melody or lead. When strumming a bit of wobbling is ideal, but for the melody or lead go ahead and tighten up on your pick. This will take practice, so begin with simple chord changes. If the pick happens to fall—simply pick it up and keep on playing until you learn the perfect pressure and tension for melody and lead sections.

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