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Tremolo Warm Up | Guitar Exercise

Video Transcript And Relevant Links:

Hi there, I'm Tomas Michaud. In this lesson, I'm gonna show you a great exercise to get you up and running with your guitar tremolo technique. We'll head over to my guitar studio, let's do this. 

For this exercise, we're combining an E minor scale along with a trelomo. technique. Now this technique is not terribly difficult at a slow speed but if you can get it going faster it sounds really good but takes a little more practice, that's fun.

Now we're gonna start off with just getting that scale so the scale looks like this. Here's the note you're playing, that's an E note. It's the same as the high E but we need another one to do the trelomo thing. E going down the scale first fret, open, now over to the third string second fret, open, pinky on the fourth string fourth fret. And by the way you could use your third finger. I'm keeping my pinky because out of habit I might need my first finger but in this case you don't actually need the first finger so either one. Now we're going to the E on the fourth string that's an E note actually, that's the second fret, open. Keep going and we're doing another octave. Third finger fifth string second fret, open, third finger, second finger and all the way down to the low E that's one of the reason I like this scale. It really uses all the notes on the guitar from the lowest note up to a reasonably high note.

Now you could go all the way up here another E but we're not today. Now let's just finger that scale then we'll come to the trelomo technique. Start with your third finger on the second string fifth fret, go and play it. Okay, not bad. Down, you could either slide down to the third finger which is what I think I'll do but you could use your first finger and then slide that down. I'd say it's 6 ½ dozen of another. Okay, together fifth string, fifth fret! You knew that, huh. Third fret, first fret. I’m using the first finger, open. Okay going down third string second fret. You wanna use your second finger here. Open, I'm gonna use pinky that's what I'm used to. Feel free to use your third finger and second fret so it's fourth fret, second fret, open, third fret, second fret, open. Now on to the sixth string third fret, second fret and open. Now know the E minor scale in two octaves. 

Now the set of trelomo, you ready for this? I'm hoping you are. We're gonna use the thumb on the note that you're playing for the scale note and then the three other fingers. You don't have to have nails for this one. It's a little different sound. I do have nails so that sound is crisper and bites but without nails is just softer. On a steel string that might even be preferable. On a nylon string when I do it, I want the nails because the nylon strings are not very bright anyway so I need to get them crisp and sharp. So we're gonna start with the third finger then go to the second finger and the first finger. Start with 3 2 1 and then start over 3 2 1 just try that with me, get the feel.  First string, start with 3 2 1, 3 2 1, a little faster 3 2 1, 3 2 1, 3 2 1, 3 2 1, 3 2 1.

A couple of tips, I'm kind of letting my hand hang here. I'm not clenching like this. That will get harder after a while and create even more tension that'll be a habit just let your hand hang and let your fingers just kind of pull into your palm. The other thing is you don't want to yank away too much. You want to stay. The best you can kind of close to the strings without pushing it, relaxed close to the strings. If they bounce a little bit that's okay but go for minimum bounce so practice this with me a little bit.  First string, go. Third finger, second, first, third. Come on. After a while, it's just kind of goes by itself. For now, go as slow as you need to go. So let's try adding that melody note we'll call it the scale note. Start with a third finger on the fifth fret of the second string so gonna hit that with the thumb then third, second, first. 

Let's do it two times in a row. Here we go ready go. Thumb, third fingers, second finger, first finger, let's do it again. Thumb, third finger, second finger, first finger. Now we'll go down. I'll do the third finger third fret and do the same thing. Thumb okay third finger, second, first, third and first finger or should I say first fret  and now open second string. Second finger on the third string, go, open.Okay, we're gonna do the fourth fret. I'm gonna use my third finger and see how that feels, go, again, and the second fret That's one octave, that's E , open, third fret, kinda like a scary movie, second fret, open now, third fret sixth string, second fret, and open. Keep going. Don't stop now. We're gonna do the second fret again. Going up, not too far. Don't worry. Third fret, back down now second fret and let's end with a nice low E string.

Nice work.

Thank you for joining me. If you enjoyed this, give me a thumbs up and leave me a comment good or bad.  I just want to know what you're thinking. This exercise is one of 20 new lessons that my student receives every month as part of my real guitar success guitar training program along with play along tracks and the tab. If you'd like to learn more, head over to or click the link down below.

Bye for now.

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