Sunday Update #4 – 5 Best Guitar Strum Patterns For Beginners


So that's your song to practice for this week…just kidding 🙂 What good is playing music if you can't have a little fun once in a while?

​I've got a couple of interesting lessons for you this week. I talk more about it in the short video above.

​Here’s the links I mentioned in this video:

5 Best Guitar Strum Patterns For Beginners

Guitar Songs To Learn #2

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  1. Tomas, your tip;s are always helpful. Thanks again. I noticed for the first time that your strumming technique using fingers is different than I use…and better! I never noticed, and you haven’t said before, that the down strum is with finger tips, up with thumb. It will take extra practice to make it natural, or course, but the benefits are useful: it puts my fingers in better position to pluck strings, and the palm is perfectly positioned for muting. Never heard it before from you! Also, I would like to see a Reggae strum. Thanks Tomas.

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