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My Spanish guitar story

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Rumba Flamenco Spanish Guitar course release date: Thursday March 6, 2014 at 2pm

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    1. Hi Gil,

      Tomas Michaud’s Rumba Flamenco Spanish Guitar course is fast approaching.
      The release date will be on Thursday March 6, 2014 at 2pm. Everybody is busy actually for that.
      Thanks for waiting.

      Hazel Indico – Sarayno
      Starland Guitar Customer Support

  1. What an inspiring story. You were being true to yourself. We have many seminal moments in our lives but yours gave you a whole new future. Thanks for sharing
    I had similar experience in Spain – one in the cafés of Benidorm where everyone young and old got up to dance to the beautiful rhythms being played and a performance in Seville that was captivating!

    1. Hi Rose,

      Thanks for sharing your experience as well. Experiences doesn’t only reminds us of those particular places but
      the lessons it taught us while we were there, the foundation of our goals and of course the realization of our dreams. It is indeed truly amazing.


  2. Hi Tomas have used some of your lessons previously which I have been very helpful. Looking forward to Thursday

    1. Hello Alan,

      It’s great to know that my lessons helped you. It means a lot to me.
      Two more nights and it’s Thursday, the launching of my Rumba Flamenco Spanish Guitar course
      which keeps me busy the past few months, weeks and days and I can’t wait to launch it 🙂

      Thanks for watching it out.


    1. Hi Jon…good question!
      I’m going to be sending out an email tomorrow on Thursday at 2pm PST (that’s 5pm EST) right when we go live. That email is going to have a link that will take you to the page that will register you for the course. I’ll send this info to everyone since you are probably not the only one with this question.


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