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Real Guitar Live #31 | Learn these Essential Chord Patterns NOW

In this Live Training, we talked about a subject that changed the way I learned guitar… chord patterns. When songwriters are creating songs, the chords they use aren’t random. In fact, there are several patterns known as common chord progressions that songwriters use. You’ll see these in 70% of popular music (at least!).

Why learn these patterns? 

  • It will help you to learn songs faster
  • Provides a more efficient way to practice
  • You’ll be training your ear to hear these patterns as you practice them
  • Change keys of a song will get downright easy

With a very basic understanding of the Major scale, you can unlock these chord patterns. You’ll be surprised at how easy this is. So don’t worry if you have no music theory experience. 

If you’re a member of Real Guitar Academy you’ll find this Guitar Theory series will complement this training (log in first):

Not a member yet? No problem. Sign up here for the 14 day trial for $1, then click the links above. I’m hoping you stick around…  but even if you don't the 2 weeks should be enough time to cover these lessons.

Questions Answered:

[16:25] Do we always have to use the seventh form of the fifth chord in chord patterns or it is just a matter of taste? I tried it with all the five progressions and it really sounds better to me with the seventh form.  

[19:00] What is the most common progression for country music? 

[19:25] When using bass runs how do I determine which notes to use? For example, if I want to go from Am to Em?

[21:41] Do power chords across the fretboard cover all notes that we need?

[23:46] I try and try but all of my strings especially high E and the B string do not sound properly while playing barre chords. any solutions or tips to improve? Please?

[25:30] When creating my own songs how do I use “pedal tones”? Do I basically use a triad of the chords and just add the bass note that I want to keep constant?

[28:06] When is the 3 chord major, isn't it usually minor?

[30:09] If I have a song that the verse ends on the same chord that the chorus begins on, what can I use to make a transition between the two parts of the song?

[32:04] What is the easiest way to play the E chord on the ukulele?

[34:21] I am new to fingerstyle. Most fingerstyle songs have the chords above the notes. I recently purchased a piece of fingerstyle music that doesn’t show the chords. The chords give me an idea of where my fretting fingers should be. Is there was a simple way to help me figure out chords when not shown?

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>> Examples of Common Chord Patterns

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