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Real Guitar Live #27 | Introduction to the CAGED system

In this episode Tomas and Aimee give an introduction to the CAGED system. This is a system to describe how the guitar fretboard is organized. The letters C - A - G - E - D are used to label the 5 different chord shapes that allow you to play a chord in 5 different places on the guitar.

They show you some examples of the many ways to play chords all over the neck… then answer questions from viewers.


[19:30] Concerning the CAGED system I have a couple of questions:

1) I find the D shape to be extremely difficult. The stretch is too much for my small hands. Is there some trick or partial bar that will work with it to make it usable?

2) We all use the E and A shapes, but when would it be advisable to use the C and D shapes anyway? What are their practical uses? (Forget the G shape, nobody uses it since it is so difficult.) 

[20:47] On the music sheet, how do I know what key the music is in? Sometimes, there are no chord names. 

[25:49] I have a friend who is learning to play guitar, but has only about 15 minutes a day to practice. How should use her practice time?

[29:16] How can I learn what notes are in each key? what notes are in the c-chord? and d chord and f-chord?

[34:18] I have seen players (you included) playing the same chord over a series of bars, but each time, the fingers are lifted and put back down on the strings… Why? 

[36:06] How do I create my own fingerstyle and how to improve your guitar skills. I want to play the guitar without looking for chords or without downloading tabs from others. 

[38:42] I’m around the beginning of the 4th adventure, I’m really enjoying the lessons.

Up to this point, it’s been very straight forward to follow and learn. I see that it will take repetition and I’m going slow as I need to as I’m learning many new things. Some of the teachings are a review, however, Tomas I am learning, you’re a good teacher.

I will try to make the Live Training. Are there any archives of past coaching calls? 

[40:21] What are the most popular fingerpicking patterns?

[45:26] Hi, can you demonstrate the palm mute with and without a pick (submitted after raffle)

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  1. Really nice tutorial. Thanks for this. Learning the CAGED system really helps people get out of that awkward step after the initial period of open chord learning as a beginner. What do you recommend as a next step after having learned this?

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