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Real Guitar Live #14 – 3 Key Elements of Playing Blues & Intro Lick

This month on Real Guitar Live we’re learning 3 key elements of playing blues guitar plus a cool intro/outro lick to add some flavor!

To begin, Tomas lays out the structure of the 12-bar blues using the I-IV-V chord progression. Then we explore harmony as it relates to the blues. We learn how to play the E7, A7, and B7 chords to really get that bluesy sound.

Next it’s on to adding in the shuffle strum to create an authentic blues feel.

And finally, Tomas shows us a slick lick to use as an intro or an outro.

This month also includes questions from our live viewers and RGS students on topics such chord theory, tips on soloing, troubleshooting difficult chords, and more!

Slick lick can be used as an intro or an outro.

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Questions Asked During the Session:

[17:35]  I am having problem with holding barre chords as my fingers are too small...I have short fingers! Help!

[21:01] and [29:00] I want to know about relative chords.

[21:43] Is it better to learn playing with thumb or plectrum?

[25:32] and [33:35] Can you please explain the all 7 shapes of the major scales?

[30:43] When I make an A minor chord I am ok with the fingering. When I try to add a G in the bass with my pinky (as in Dusty Fingerpicking pattern #2) my 3rd finger collapses and pushes the string down instead of into the fretboard. Any suggestions for exercises to cure this, or is it just poor technique?

[34:41] RGS Member - Tips on soloing?

[37:09] D/F# chord, what's the best way to play it? I'm struggling with positioning the fingers.

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