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RGS Live #20 | How to Choose the Best Strumming Pattern for a Song

Welcome to the April edition of Real Guitar Live of 2019! In this episode, you’ll learn how to choose the best strumming pattern for a song.

Creating your own songs or learning a song by your favorite artist? You'll learn how to create the right groove and choose a strum pattern that works.

And, as always, there’s a wealth of tips to help you improve your playing and keep you learning!

Questions Answered:

[13:38] Is it okay to mix strums in a song? For example, is it okay to use a fingerpicking pattern for the verse and a strum for the chorus?

[17:38] 6 weeks playing. Started on electric guitar. When I strum I keep hitting the toggle switch. I guess my hand is going too far past the strings?

Should I strum closer to the neck? Thanks this is great that you are “live”

[18:28] What techniques would you suggest adding to make the songs sound more professional besides the mute technique, bass notes and bass runs which I already incorporate?

[21:27] What strumming patterns (in addition to finger-picking patterns) would you recommend for what are generally slow, soft songs?

[22:50] Since the songs are originals, how should I go about adding a good sounding introduction and finish?

[25:40] If you're a beginner guitar player and you want to put your thumb behind the neck of the guitar probably what's the best way to do that

[32:30] I have practiced the 2nd most popular finger picking pattern following your video, also as shown with basic D, Cadd9 & G. How can I get fingerstyle lessons step-by-step?

[33:50] Do you find that after playing guitar for a while that you develop a style that you kind of stay with and just add here and there little changes?

[34:27] I lose my pick a lot on strumming up. I bought some more grippy pics. Best advice for help on the upstrum?

[37:03] I am finally having continued success playing 5th string barre chords. 6 Sting is also MUCH better. I play electric and I find that I am pushing too hard on frets. Makes a difference.

[38:10] Strumming chords like D7 do you worry much about hitting the open strings?

[41:55] How to strum and play with more dynamics?

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