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RGS Live #18 | How to Find the “Key”

Welcome to the second installation of Real Guitar Live of 2019! This month we’re tackling a topic music students frequently ask about. Tomas and Aimee lead us through a few ways to find the key of a song. Whether you’re using music theory or playing by ear, there’s a way to figure a song’s key so that you can play along, improvise or jam with other musicians. Happy playing!

Questions Asked During the Session:

[15:27] How do you determine what key you are in? Does the capo have anything to do with the key of a song?

[16:53] How do I find chords to a song or harmonize a melody

[18:07] What's the difference between major chords and minor chords, is there a formula for major, minor and dominant?

[23:25] I'm learning the C major scale and wonder what are the benefits of learning scales?

[25:02] The awful B Bar Chord. Any tips on how to get my ring finger to flatten out and not mute the E string. I know I can use substitute B chords but I really would like to master the B Bar.

[30:05] I often find myself having trouble playing tabs to fit the rhythm. When I practice a song, for instance, I play the tabs without the rhythm, later I will struggle with the rhythm is this the correct way?

[34:43] What book do you advise me to look for guitar theory and guitar music?    

[38:34] What should you suggest for perfect upstrokes in strumming--that's a very annoying issue like we have to change chords beat by beat but still there’s the upstroke issue ... please help.

[43:40] Hello! Glad I could make the class. What key are most blues song written? In what key are most pop songs written?

[47:07] I practice a song in a certain key. The guys I practice with play in a different key. How do I transpose the chord progression from one key to another?

[51:20] Why aren't there keys for all notes in the chromatic scale?

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  1. A key of a song! – what progression would go with that key? How many keys would there be and what would the progressions be?

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