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Real Guitar Live #55 | Q & A – Theory Book Recommendations?

Another successful monthly Live Q& A session was held to go over any and all of your questions about all thing's guitar related! Every month on the first Thursday of the month, I take pre-submitted questions and live chat questions on my Youtube Channel to answer anything you may need recommendations, explanations, or tips to improve your guitar playing skills. This month's Live Q&A was a great session where we discussed a range of topics, including my theory book recommendations- see those suggestions below! 

[02:06] How do you write down or document an original song, not one that you can find the sheet music of? (How do you find the key of an original song?)

[04:57] How do you find the melody?

[06:31] How do you figure out the chords?

[08:02] How to write this all down so you can remember it? Basically, how to create the sheet music.

[12:24] If I want to learn music theory on my own, what book would you recommend? 

[18:17] I'm reasonable with chord changes, but I'm struggling to make that next step of playing songs. I have a problem staying motivated while playing slow versions of songs. I can't afford lessons and need some tips on pushing through to the next level.

[21:18] I'm looking for ways to get back into the practice routine. After all the family stuff, i went almost a month without touching a guitar and I feel lost and need motivation.

[23:02] My guitar has developed a "Buzz" and I'm trying to track that down, Sounds like it's in the neck. I'm putting new strings on today, hopefully that will help or at least show me where the problem might be. Maybe I just need a trip to the guitar store and see their Luthier?

[25:47] When I play chords, sometimes I move my fingers off the strings like a pull off.

[27:33] Order to learn rhythm guitar?

[32:51] A song like "Born in the USA" is only 2 chords. I know them and can switch ok. How do I get the strumming right? 

[35:22] Any tips for bar chords?


Theory Books I Talked About:

Guitar Theory for Dummies by Desi Serna

Fretboard Theory by Desi Serna
The author has a website:
Desi tends to be thorough and technical. There's a lot of good stuff here but I've had to pick and choose what is applicable to the styles I teach and play. Good for geeky guitarists and rock/jazz fusion guitarists but a little much for acoustic guitar in the early stages.

The Practical Guide to Modern Music Theory for Guitarists by Joseph Alexander
I haven't spent much time with this book. It seems similar so far to the stuff above. More to be discovered.

Music Theory (Hal Leonard Guitar Method) by Tom Kolb
Good general music theory applied specifically to guitar.

Practical Theory Complete by Sandy Feldstein
This is more general music theory along the lines of how to read music. It's not specific to guitar.
I took this course and liked it.

Fretboard Wizard by Tony Polecastro
It was more applicable to acoustic guitar. The cost is around $150 and I think you can only sign up at certain times.

Buzzing strings? Here’s more info on adjusting the guitar.
How to Make Your Acoustic Guitar Easier to Play
Barre Chord Exercises for Finger Strength
First (Most Important) Strumming Pattern

Member Links (Login Required):

Barre Chords For Everyone 

This is my step-by-step guided course to learn barre chords. I lead you through a series of exercises and songs that make the hard work of learning barre chords fun. In addition to learning how to play barre chords you’ll learn a method of breaking complex skill into smaller pieces to make it “digestible”. This is included in my Real Guitar Success membership.

6th Adventure – Strumming And Rhythm

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