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Real Guitar Live #54 | Q & A – “The Boxer” Fingerpicking Pattern

Every month I do a Live Q&A session to cover any guitar questions that you might have. This month I started off the Live Q&A session with a presentation on the "boxer" fingerpicking pattern with a fun chord progression to practice.

[2:55] The “Boxer” fingerpicking pattern with a fun chord progression to practice.

[10:50] What type of strum would you use on an old school 12 bar blues like Robert Johnson's Crossroads ? 

[12:49] TABS never seem to replicate the ENTIRE song in order...there seems to be a lack of direction on where and when you start over for verse 2 or when to go onto the bridge and/or go back to the verse. How can one recognize the pattern for the entire song? 

[18:17]  I am really frustrated about my strumming.I have seen videos on rhythm, using the right pic, and relaxing while strumming.  Then when I do a simple down up strum it doesn't sound right. What should I do to get a handle on this? 

[21:39] I want a professional set up for my guitar. Should the strings be the same height at the 1st and at the 14th fret ? 

[24:08] My issue is with my 2nd finger on the C chord. It mutes/buzzes because it’s not positioned close to the fret.

[26:12] Could you give an example of a nice chord progression using exotic chords?.

[31:04] I am going to my first jam session in a few weeks. It seems to be a laid back group that welcomes all skill levels. I'm not sure what to expect.  Will they help with the key of the song or do I just need to figure that out?  Do I just join in and strum quietly?  What is your experience with these types of jam sessions?"

[34:20] I'm experiencing pain in the base of my left thumb (fretting hand) from clamping down too hard when fretting a chord.  I cannot seem to figure out how to fret a chord without putting so much stress on my thumb.  It's either the thumb pain or buzzing notes.

[39:31] In that “Boxer” picking pattern what do you do for the D chord (what’s the pattern)?

[40:31] Is it possible to lighten up on pressing the frets to make chords over the years?

Every month I do a Live Q&A session to cover any guitar questins that you might have. If you want to be notified about these Live Q&A sessions in the future, head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe. We have these the first Thursday of every month. Make sure to ring the bell for notifications so you don't miss these!


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The demo I gave in this session of “exotic” chords came from the “Jazzy Chords” module.

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