Real Guitar Live #49 | Q & A – How to Make Boring Chords Come Alive


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[03:00] How to Make Boring Chords Come Alive

[13:30] If I am playing a song and I would like to add some sort of improvisation, a lick, or something like that, what do I do? Do I take the notes from the scale corresponding to the key of the song? Or from the chord I am supposed to play?

[20:40] Why do some instructors on the internet have their guitar amps with one or two microphones in front of the amp?

[23:20] Why does the high E string on the acoustic guitar sound make a tinny sound?

[27:23] Is soreness part of learning guitar?

[29:05] What are the easiest chords and strumming styles for acoustic funk and neo-soul?

[31:30] What steps do you recommend for writing songs?

[35:05] How to deal with pain in fingers, hands, and forearms when playing guitar?

[37:05] Why does my bass string sound muted on the 2nd fret?

[38:48] I'm trying to learn some Pink Floyd songs, with Drop D E string (Goodbye Blue Sky), or some are tuned down a half step. Is this messing up the ear training that I worked on with RGS lessons?

[40:43] What do you do if you come across a song that has some weird chords that you've never seen before?

[47:05] When would someone want to use augmented or diminished chords in a song? Can you give an example of a song in which they are used?

[50:50] What's the difference between a C9 chord and a Cadd9 chord? How do you know?

[53:05] Why play a Cadd9 in place of a C?

[54:50] Is it okay to place a guitar down without a stand?

[56:55] What would you do with a song that the chords were: Abm-Eadd9-F#-Ebm-C#m?

[58:58] Do you have any tips for moving from strumming to picking on an acoustic guitar?

[1:01:02] Is it harmful to the guitar to leave your capo on at the nut?

[1:01:51] How can I prevent my pinky finger from getting locked up?

[1:03:55] I was trying to practice a finger-style song that has 4 pages and found that they were flying off the table. I'm sure that there is a solution to the problem. How do you play a song that has several pages without having to stop to change the page or have the pages flying all over the place? Is there a special stand or something?

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