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Real Guitar Live #42 | Q & A Session

As with all of these Live Q & As I'll also cover any guitar questions you might have. If you want to join these sessions live, head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe. We have these the first Thursday of every month. Make sure to ring the bell for notifications so you don't miss these!

[2:19] I have a problem with switching chords. What I can do for it. 

[4:58] I know the chords, but every time I watch a tutorial on how to play a song it never sounds like what they are teaching. Any suggestions? 

[9:49] Can you play fingerstyle with a pick?

[11:29] Any advice on how to "get back into playing".  I took a break during a hectic few weeks and although I do pick up my guitar a few times a week to practice, I am finding it hard to jump back into RGS. 

[15:13] Could you explain the proper use of a capo?

[18:16] Do we have to re-tune the guitar after putting on or removing a capo? If so, why? I understand a capo as a "fixed" barre so it should nicely change all the strings pitch equally.

[20:26] It has been very difficult to sing even hum and strum simultaneously. Any tips?

[24:52] Do you have a Facebook group?

[25:25] Can you practice scales right away?

[27:57] How do I find a study buddy?

[29:15] What is the best type of capo?

[31:00] How much pressure should I use when playing an F minor barre chord?

[33:55] How to play with shaky hands?

[35:07] Does Travis picking replace strumming?

[36:26] What string size do you use?

[38:12] I have an old Jasmine guitar. Would getting a new guitar like the Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar be worthwhile?

[40:13] How do I overcome stage fright? 

[45:38] What do some acoustic guitars have a cutaway? Is it mostly a visual preference?

[47:44] What do ‘O’ and ‘X’ mean on a chord diagram?

[51:41] I know how to use a pick, but I find fingerpicking difficult. Do you have any tips? 

[52:52] How do you fingerstyle practicing scales?

[53:20] Do you have any advice for a thrash metal song that I can use?

[53:38] How much time should I spend practicing every day?

[55:15] Is it okay to change the strum pattern of a song that I am covering?

[56:04] Why is the sound of my guitar low?

[56:50] Why are scales useful to learn?

[57:34] What is a good practice routine?


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How to Overcome Stage Fright

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Using A Capo And Changing Keys

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  1. Eight Tomas I would love to see a lesson an acoustic guitar amplification system. What kind of amp ,what kind of pick ups and everything else that goes along with it to me that would be very interesting

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