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How To Play Happy Birthday Rumba Flamenco Style

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In this lesson, I update you a new twist on the classic happy birthday using the rumba flamenco strum. I use this often to add some life to the birthday party.

The first thing to do to play this Spanish guitar version of Happy Birthday is to practice the basic chords and get confident with where to change chords. Strum the chord progression all the way through with a simple straight down strong. It's best to just memorize the chords even if you have the sheet. Fortunately, it uses just three guitar chords, four if you count the C7 that I demonstrate in the video which is optional.

After you feel fairly confident with the chords and work on the strum separately, start slow and build up speed little by little. This is a common strum used in a lot of the new flamenco music from groups like Gypsy Kings, Ottmar Liebert and Jesse Cook.

If this is the first time you've tried this rumba flamenco strum, be patient. I recommend watching my rumba flamenco strum video for a breakdown the strum little by little and teach you how to practice it. You'll find the link above in the beginning of this description.

This is a very useful strum if you like this kind of music and it pays to take your time and get it right.

Once you feel somewhat comfortable with the chords and the strum, it's time to put them together. You don't have to wait to get them perfect, just reasonably comfortable.

When you're ready, try playing along with me in the video. Persistence is the key.

If you're still learning your basic chords, I recommend you watch some of my other videos wherein I teach the basic chords and how to practice them.

If you haven't already go to my blog where you can download the chord chart and tip sheet that I created for this lesson. I give you a few tips that will be invaluable to learn the song quickly and easily.


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  1. never thought of a rumba happy birthday. I liked it. it gave some thing different to practice the rumba strum. thanks. I don’t know if you can say, but my make of classical are you using. with or without preamp.

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