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New Flamenco Spanish Guitar Lesson – Unspoken Desires

Sample from my new Flamenco Spanish Guitar Course (coming soon!)

For those of you who are interested in the Spanish Guitar New Flamenco Music that I do and learning that. I mentioned that I’m creating a course and it’s coming along quite well. I decided that it might be fun to release one little part of it to show you what I’m working on. What I decided to do is try to create a series of little tunes that sound descent to make it more interesting and then just showing you technique after technique and the course’s idea is to integrate the techniques into the song so that you have something to apply on with and then the first one is the first tune that uses some of the techniques that I’ll be teaching in the course.

If you could please leave me a comment I’m particularly interested in anything in the lesson you’d like to see. Just leave me a comment below or of course if you’re having a feedback or idea that you’d like to run by me, appreciate it. Take care.

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  1. Thanks again Tomas. Nicely produced and easy to follow along. I find myself “noodling” with purpose now.

    Please keep up the great work.

  2. Thank you Tomas! I would love to learn New Flamenco for a long time but did not find any site that could teach things clearly and slowly for beginners. I found you when searching around for new flamenco/rhumba lessons and I was just surprise by your teaching method! It is gearing toward beginners and progressing slowly toward more advance stuff. I just love it. Please keep up the excellent work and I will follow you for sure. I love listening to songs from Oscar Lopez, Armik and others from this genre and love the melody and techniques they use. They play so fast that I don’t know if they use the fingers or the pick or maybe both? Looking forward for your courses on New Flamenco for beginner.
    Thank you for all you do.

    1. Thanks for your comment Minh. I’m glad you mentioned about the fingers and pick. I use both and I’ll be sure to include that in my future lessons. Take care – Tomas

  3. That is a great song. Can’t wait to learn to play it. The course sounds like it will help me improve my playing. Thanks for putting this out.

  4. a very simple song and I do like it. I look forward to the rest of it. again, I like that style and ease of your teaching. keep up the great work.

  5. Hi Thomas, Nice job. Thank you for the videos. I had played other instruments first too, and also found I was drawn to the sound of the acoustic guitar. My 2 year guitar anniversary coming up. Guitar has allowed for great versatility in learning and conveying the meat of different songs (especially accompaniment to voice). Love it! Current goals are to continue to develop guitar skills in moving fingers LOL 🙂 That is… arpeggios, scales, walkups\walkdowns, picking the right strings. That will aid in adding flare to my playing and give me better feel. Practicing slow with metronome, as you suggested. Your new age flamenco stuff sounds great. I admire how you improvise the melodies; That looks fun! 🙂 Thanks again for the tutorials and tips!

  6. Hi Thomas I’m having a difficulty with Spanish improvising, I’ve learnt the harmonic lesson you’ve taught over YouTube but not sure about how to use it the way you did in the video

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