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Chord Power: D Major 7th and A Major 7th

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This is Part 2 of a four part Chord Power series to help you expand your chord vocabulary.

In this second part we’ll cover two more Major 7th chords: D Major 7 and A Major 7.

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    1. Jerry, I’m so pleased to learn that someone else of my age is pursuing the same dream I have, that is, learning to play the guitar. And all thanks to Tomas Michaud.

  1. Why does my Published list of chords show both A major7 & D major7 completly different from the ones you show? My list was published in a Hal Leonard book and this is the way I have learned how to play them. I learned them this way: A maj 7 = E A C# & G. D MAJ 7 = A C & F# I have run into this before and for a new player it’s a bummer.

    1. There are many different forms of the all chords. Best to pick on and use it, then later you may want to learn another version also. Like a painter the more different brushes she can use means the more expressive she can be. But start small and expand. Don’t spend energy worrying about which is the “right” one. Hope this helps Nick. – Tomas

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