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The Heart of “Luna” 

Luna means “moon” in Spanish. I received a wonderful review from an instrumental music magazine in which the reviewer wrote I was playing love songs to the moon on this CD. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that “Luna” is the name on my little dog.

I did not name this song lightly. Luna and I spend a lot of time together and she is the embodiment of gentleness, devotion and affection. I take her for walks twice a day along the beach. She often sits with me at my feet while I’m working on my Spanish guitar music.

One day I brought Luna to the studio and I forgot to take off her collar. If you listen real careful you can hear her collar jingle on the song “Solitude” on the same CD. It actually fits the song so we left it in. Besides, it’s Luna’s debut as a percussionist.

Like most of my music you’ll find this fits into the “romantic music” category with a Spanish Flamenco twist.


I Must Be Dreaming 

You can find Luna on my CD titled “I Must Be Dreaming”. Here’s a clip from a review by Enrique Torres an Amazon “Vine Voice” reviewer.

“All in all the CD is excellent and the perfect elixir for soft romantic nights. If you like some of the artists mentioned, nouveau flamenco or what some call “New Age” music this instrumental CD will be a good addition to your personal music library. Enter this dream as relaxing, soothing and good vibes await the listener.”

Listen and purchase on Amazon, iTunes and on my website:  


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