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Learn Guitar: The Not So Secret Approach

Learn  Guitar: Is There A Secret To Learning Guitar?

Best ways on how to learn  guitar

Learning to play beautiful music onto guitar is not as difficult as many people might believe in can be achieved by following the simple process:

1. Get a good instructor with a systematic approach

2. Practice your lesson daily

3. Persist, persist, and persist

It’s that seems too simple here’s my more expanded version. I have learned over many years to break it down to the following areas:

  • Guitar chords and strums

  • Common Chord Patterns

  • Finger development exercises.

  • Playing on the beat

  • Reading Notes and/or Tab (preferably both)

  • Understanding Terminology and Principles

  • Learning to hear notes and chord changes

  • Licks and Techniques that are specific to the style you are learning

  • Songs-this applies everything above


Correct Order Is The Key

To learn how to play guitar I've found this order of learning to be the best: First learn some basic open chords and practice moving from one to the other using a Common Chord Pattern and going slowly and in time. Then add to the process music theory and note reading while adding more chords and strums. Practice for 30 minutes daily and each week add some new material while making sure the basic techniques are being practiced accurately.

While it’s possible to do this yourself it really helps to have a competent instructor.

I first learned the guitar by watching other guitar players and reading books as well as asking friends to help me. Looking back I realize now how I underestimated how difficult it was to learn guitar this way. A lot of what I know now I could not have asked someone to show me because I didn't know what to ask. Now I see that I tried to do many things that were too difficult for the stage of learning that I was at. I didn't know the best “steps” to improve my skills without developing bad habits and tensing my hands.

I think of it as climbing a challenging mountain. Having a guide that has done it and knows which path to take and which to avoid would be invaluable. In this same way a good teacher can help you find the best path in learning how to play guitar and save you a lot of time.


Choosing An Instructor

The secret is to select a guitar teacher that understands what they’re doing, knows how to instruct it, as well as wants to instruct it to you. It wouldn't do much good to choose someone that either wasn't competent or didn't have your best interest at heart.

One of the most important things is to find an instructor that has either learned or developed an excellent system to learn guitar. Even good instructors without a systematic approach will produce less than optimal results. However, even a moderately competent teacher with a good system will save you lots of time and frustration. A good method of learning guitar takes into account the fact that some easier techniques can prepare for more difficult ones later on.

Learning how to play guitar may not really end up being simple but with an excellent instructor, a good system and determination it actually is extremely rewarding.

Together with learning to play an instrument you will also be developing patience as well as perseverance which will be an advantage in every aspects of your life.Like most things it becomes more and more enjoyable the better you become. In fact it’s likely if you stick with it you be able to play things you never imagined you can play.   You wouldn't experience such a great feeling if it was easy.

I’d encourage you to proceed with an open mind and the enthusiasm of starting an exciting adventure.


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