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Joy to the World Easy Fingerstyle Solo

Joy To The World is one of the easier fingerstyle Christmas solo guitar songs I've arranged for students. I'm using just three chords and a simple bass note. In spite of being simple it sounds decent.

This is a great song to learn for beginners on the fingerstyle guitar path, or for those more experienced that want a song they can learn quickly for the holidays.

Download a free version of the Joy to the World guitar notes and tabs.

More Resources:

If you're new to fingerstyle guitar I highly recommend going through this free lesson below to get a good foundation on correct fingerstyle technique.

Fingerpicking Magic - Foundations

Here’s another easy fingerstyle Christmas song lesson you’ll enjoy. This one has two different levels of difficulty you can try.

Away In The Manger Fingerstyle Guitar – Easy Arrangement

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Joy To The World Easy Fingerstyle Guitar Solo
Joy to the World Guitar Tutorial
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