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How to make a BACKING TRACK with Band In A Box

Outline of the Steps

Find a song

  • Web search

Determine the key

  • Usually at the top on the sheet
  • First and last chord
  • Find the sheet music

Link to RGS lesson: How to Find the Key (log in)

Now for Band-In-A-Box

  • Select Key
  • Choose style
    • Type in the title in Song Picker
    • Choose which ever Style sounds good
  • Type in the chords
    • Sing the words
    • You may refer to the sheet music if you are unsure
    • Play the song to test
  • Add intro: Edit > Song Form > Add Intro
  • Sing along and make changes

You can also…

  • Change keys
  • Change Tempo
  • Play along with guitar
  • Experiment with different grooves
  • Improvise over chords
  • Download as an MP3

More Information…

I don't remember where I originally bought Band-in-the Box but I'm pretty sure I started with the least expensive version. I have upgraded several times over the years directly from

I currently own the Band-in-a-Box UltraPAK 2020. I purchased my last level upgrades on a portable hard drive which they mailed to me.  The file for the versions with the Real Tracks are quite large (many Giga Bytes) and it would take a lot of my time to download them. I run the program directly from the hard disk. 

Here’s a forum post on the PGMusic website that explains the different versions Understanding the Different Band-in-a-Box PAKs 
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