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Flatpick Heaven | Play This Chord and Melody Instrumental

Want to play guitar instrumental with the chords and melody together? I composed this song as a learning piece. I wanted to use it to help students learn how to play a melody and chords together in the style of flatpick.

You can download the tune to your computer below:

In January I'll be releasing a step-by-step breakdown  for my members of my Real Guitar Success Academy.

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I would love to hear your comments and questions. What specific things are you struggling with while learning guitar?

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  1. Tom, this is a great way to play notes between chords. Or melody. You were my first teacher and you just keep getting better.

  2. Hi Tomas,
    I like your new (country?) song. What a talent you have to whip up something when you need it. I would be very interested in learning this technique as my finger style and flat picking skills are far a head of my strumming skills and it would be great to put them together. Looking forward to learning Flatpick Heaven in January’s RGS lessons!

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