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First Basic Guitar Chords Lesson 1| D – A7 – G

Your First Lesson For Those Beginning Guitar

Learning Basic Guitar Chords

In this first of my basic guitar chords video I'm going to show you some of the most important basic guitar chords to learn. These chords are the easiest to learn in the beginning as well as some of the most useful – the D chord, the A7 chord and the G chord. I’ll also cover the principles of how to get a good sound with the least amount of effort and how to change between chords smoothly.

Why Start With The D, A7 And G Chords?

I like to start with the D and A7 because they are fairly easy and common chords that will get a lot of use. Also changing from the D to A7 is easier than many changes because there's very little movement. The G chord is the next logical chord to add because it expands tremendously the number of songs you can play.

The G Chord Can Be Tricky

The G can be tricky for a beginner if you start off with the full three finger G. There's a way to play the G chord that's easier and highly recommended if this is even a slight problem. Check out Which Is The Right Way To Play The G Chord for the complete lesson.

Ready to move on and learn A minor and E minor? Check out lesson two of the Basic Guitar Chords series:

Basic Guitar Chords Lesson 2 | Am – C – Em

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  1. Thank you for providing so much free information. It helps a lot to know other people are out there willing to help you achieve something.

    I don’t even have a guitar yet. I signed up on your website hoping it would help me figure out if I have the calling, so to speak. Do I want to learn how to play guitar enough to spend the money and the time? I think so, but how will I feel next month? Or next year? Is this the beginning of a hobby (profession?) that will last the rest of my life? Will I buy a nice beginner’s guitar, only to sell it on ebay or Craig’s List before I learn how play anything?

    Too many questions. Not enough answers.

  2. Is there a downside to using just the index finger and the middle finger to making the A major chord. That is what I learned and it works well for me. I just don’t know if there is a downside when you might have to switch to another chord

    1. Hey Paul, that’s actually one form I use a lot. For many people it’s difficult in the beginning because they have to press two strings down with one finger, but I find it fairly easy. I also use several other forms so don’t get too attached to one form. Sounds like you’re doing fine. -Tomas

  3. I wish to learn how to play guitar so that i can sing and play it to create musics to praise God, i wish to do that to glorify the name of my Lord Jesus Christ.

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