Beginning Guitar 101: Lesson #2 – First Beginner Chords: G Major


Third Most Important Chord For Beginners The  G Major Chord

Three Forms Of The G Chord

In today’s video we’re going to go with the G chord. The G chord I consider the third most important chord for beginning guitars. Now there’s four forms of the G chord that I commonly used. I’m going to show you three of them today and I want to give you a choice of which one to start with. First, the simplest. It’s just my third finger on the first string, third fret and you’re going to play the top four strings, the high four strings. It’s a very simple G and it sounds good.

G Major Form #2

Now if you want to play all the strings and you want to work towards something more stretch that second finger over on the third fret, sixth string. Now you get a bass note. I’m actually slightly using the fifth string. I’m just slightly touching it with my second finger. Here. See? That’s the fifth string, it doesn’t sound. Sixth string, fifth string.

G Major Form #3

Now the third form I want to show you, which is one of the most common forms is the… Keep those two fingers down and put the first finger down in the second fret, fifth string. Doesn’t sound that much different… Okay, another one I use the most often, the fourth form is actually switch everything around and use the pinky but the pinky is a tough one for a beginner and if you’re just starting this video you’re probably a beginner. So, the G chord. Go and take your fingers off and put the fingers on.

Start With Any Form 

Any form that you like you can start with. Again, remember to angle your fingers up and down so the clear all the strings. Keep your thumb in the back of the neck. All said and done, try to stay as relaxed as you can.

Coming Up…

In the next video we’re going to practice the most important part, changing chords on a G to the D and the A7. Thanks again for sharing this video with me.



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