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5 Minute Practice Session #18 – Mute Strum


The mute strum is an important technique that is used in lots of other strums. In this easy practice session will start with the very basics strum and add chords as we go along. I use my fingers in this practice session but you can do the same thing with a pick.

Grasp the pick between your thumb and first finger and mute with the other three fingers in your palm. If you're playing an acoustic steel string guitar with pop/rock styles of music this would be the way to practice it. If you're learning Spanish guitar or other Latin styles of guitar playing you'll definitely want to use your fingers for strumming. This technique is a must for learning the rumba flamenco strum.

Here’s the link to the post that will give you tips using the 5-Minute Practice Sessions: 

Get on The Guitar Fast Tract With 5-Minute Guitar Practice Sessions


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  1. Awesoem, I have asked for this in a email but I called it ‘shuck’ great practice when one learned to mute with the palm like that, I still can’t do the mute with the palm though, can’t get the tecnique.

    1. Hi Karin. Glad you liked this. It’s not the easiest technique at first. For most people it takes patience and practice. – Tomas

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