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Father And Son Cat Stevens | Easy Guitar Song Lesson


In this lesson, I'm going to show you how to play the classic Cat Stevens song, Father and Son. I'm going to break it down for you step-by-step and we're going to have a lot of fun.

To start off I’ll give you a sample of what it's going to sound like.

Then we’ll break it down in this order…

1) Let's start off with the intro

2) Introducing Am7/G

3) Combined this with to note lick

4) Now let's go over the chords for the song. I think it's important to see the pattern he's using for this song. The entire song is made up an 8 bar phrase.

5) First 8 bar phrase: G-D-C-Am7-G-Em-Am-D

This is the chord pattern for the entire song, with the exception of a couple of small variations. I think it's best to learn this 8 bar phrase and then the variations where they're needed.

7) I go over chords; starting with a simple strum (2 down strums).

8) Add new strum: down - down/up - down

9) Next, we’ll combine the Intro and the first verse

10) Variation at end of the first section

11) Introducing the Bm chord for the second section

Finally, I’ll put it all together and give you a chance to play along

Thank you for joining me in this lesson. Wherever you're watching this video please scroll down and leave me a comment. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

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  1. Great lesson Tomas…You should do many more . Loved it. You break everything down and make it easy and fun to learn.

    Kind Regards,


  2. Great Tomas, it was cristal clear explained and on a rithm that even I ( on my 62 years ) can understand and follow it well
    Greetings from Jacques Belgiumj

    1. Great idea Pat. I just put a link on the Being Young lesson so you can go back and forth easily. In June I’ll add a Play-Along lesson to practice the chord changes. -Tomas

  3. Tomas this one of my favourite songs. I had some guitar tab but yours is by far the best and far easier. I’m a big Cat Stevens fan but have struggled with some of his songs and now you have produced what I think is a great version. All I’ve now got to is learn and practice.

    A big thanks

    Alun. (from Wales in the UK)

  4. WOW!!!! It has been so much better getting to play and what a great song to learn. You are the master at teaching and making it look so easy. I almost gave up, now I am Confident in you to show the way. Also practice, practice and again amazing progress with you and other teachers have told me it is a waste of their time. Thank you very much I am truly happy with my progress, yet I do need more time due to injuries suffered in battle. William.

  5. This is fantastic! Best video and instruction I've found for this song anywhere. I just picked up the guitar for this first time last week and thanks to you I can already play most of this song – a favorite from my childhood.

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