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Chord Pull Off Warm Up Guitar Exercise

Video Transcript And Relevant Links:

Hi there, I'm Tomas. In this lesson I'm gonna show you an awesome guitar technique exercise that'll help you add some pizzazz to your rhythm guitar playing. We’ll head off to my guitar studio so you can get a good close look at this. Let's do it.

In this exercise, we're gonna work on pull offs and not just any pull offs  but we're gonna focus on using pull offs within a chord. Now one of the most useful places to do that is that middle finger when you're making a chord. So for example, when I make this C chord I can pull off that middle finger.  So this xercise will allow you to strengthen that middle finger and get the technique of a pull off a little more cleanly and smoothly. So if you've never done pull off don't worry. You're gonna start right where you're at and somebody who's been doing for a while will just refine what they've been doing. You'll go ahead and get a basic technique going and that you can work on and refine over time. So let's start off with the basic part of the exercise.

There's 3 sections to it so to speak. The first one is a C chord, the second section would be a type of an F chord and then a G chord. So we'll start with that C chord.  We're gonna make the form of the C chord. You don't have to worry about the first finger, we're not gonna use that but I have a habit of just making the chord like I always do. You're gonna strike the fifth string with the right hand and then strike the fourth string that's the one with the second finger and then you don't strike but pull off so you get three notes for the price of two. Two strikes, three notes listen 1 2 3.

Now when you're doing it that slow it's really difficult to get a sound but as you do it faster it gets easier. I'm gonna tell you a tip right up front. If you're just starting out, a pull off is not just taking your fingers straight off. A pull off is slightly to the angle. In this case down, physically down and up at the same time just a little bit not way down but I'm going down and up so I'm actually kind of picking at the string with my second finger. It takes practice but believe me you will get to a point where you won't even noticed you're doing it. You say I want to pull off, your brain says "I want that sound" and the finger just does to that pull off but it takes repetition. So let's just do that on the C chord for now. We're gonna hit the fifth string, the fourth and then pull off to make a third note. Start with the C fifth string. Ready, hit it. Fourth string pull off, again fifth, fourth and pull off. One more fifth, fourth and pull off. I forgot to pull off there. Let's do the same thing with that F form of the chord. So it looks just like the C. If you're on the C move the third finger over one string to the fourth string and the second finger over. Leave that first finger right where it is. So now you hit the fourth string and then the third string and pull off. So again I'm not hitting it when I pull off with the right hand. I'm only hitting it once, twice and then I pull off without striking the note again. Let's do it together.

Make your F chord. If you're doing it from scratch it's the first finger on the second string first fret then on the third string second fret fourth string third fret. Looks like a C huh, it just moved over. Here we go fourth string hit, third string pull off. Well I didn't hear you. Come on. Let's play along. This is a participating sport, let's go. Fourth string, hit third now pull off. Okay, come on. Third and pull off, again third pull off  again.

Okay and then finally we'll do that with the G chord. So for the G chord you don't have to finger the first three, we're not gonna use that.  I'm just gonna use my third finger on the sixth string third fret and second finger which is gonna do the pulling off on the fifth string so it sounds like this. Sixth string, fifth string and pull off.  Okay let's do it together. Get your fingers on the third finger third fret - 6, 3 and the fifth string second fret. Here we go, sixth string hit, fifth string and pull off. Again, sixth, fifth and pull off.  Again sixth, fifth, pull off. One more time, you got this sixth, fifth, and pull off.

Okay so let's just do a run-through of this whole exercise and then I'll let you either do it on your own or do it to play along. Start with your C, let's do it. Fifth string, fourth, pull off. Again, 2 more  one more. Now the F chord and you're gonna hit on the fourth string. Ready, go - fourth, third, fourth, third one more back to the C - fifth string,  go - fourth pull off, fifth, fourth, pull off, fifth, fourth pull off, fifth, fourth pull off. fourth pull off and the G over the sixth string with a third finger. Ready, go. Again sixth string, fifth, pull off, last time 6, 5  pull off and then we're gonna end with the C. Your time ready, go. Again fifth string, fourth, fifth, fourth.

Okay, shake it out. That was a good workout.

Thanks for joining me. Hey leave me a comment good or bad just let me know what you're thinking. I really want to know and if you liked it give me a thumbs up. This is one of 20 new lessons that my students receive every month as part of my Real Guitar Success guitar training program. Now they also get the play along tracks, some tabs and a bunch more programs including courses that are step-by-step along with a road map for beginners that very step-by-step exercises. If you'd like to learn more, head over to or click the link below. I'll see you soon,  bye.

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