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Easy Blues Scale Guitar Lesson And Free Jam Track

I've always had a lot of fun improvising over chord changes… Otherwise known as jamming.

Here's a great scale to use over a 12 bar blues progression in the key of E. It's a fairly easy scale to finger. First practice the basic version of the scale, and then try adding some of the "blues" notes.

To make it even more fun I've included I jam track that you can download and play along with. The best way to get better at improvising is to just do it a little bit every day.

Download the Blues Guitar Jam Track In E Here:

>>Blues Guitar Jam Track in E

Download the Cheat Sheet Here:

>> Blues Scale in E Cheat Sheet

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  1. Hi Tomas,

    As always you deliver the best lessons. Hope you are well 🙂

    Tom Copeland

    Saugus Mass

  2. Hi You sent me a blues scale guitar lessons with cheat sheet and jam track.
    I thank you for that but i am unable to download the jam track it just opens to paly and is not downloadable.

  3. Having a great time with the blues scale and jam. Also enjoyed the bossa nova sequence you sent recently.
    Ken England

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