Best Guitar Practice Warm-up Exercise For Beginners


The speed developer exercises are designed to:

1. Develop strength

2. Accuracy

3. Confidence (which eventually turn into speed)

Memorize this exercise first, then practice it slowly and accurately. Learn to place your finger right up next to the fret without actually placing it on the fret. This is the most efficient position to get a good clean note. Keep your hand relaxed. If you feel an excess of tension you can stop and shake out your hand. Paying attention to the small details now will save you a lot of time and anguish later.

Download Here: Speed-Developer-1 (1)

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Tomas Michaud

Playing guitar and creating music is a dream come true for me. I know it can be for you too. You wouldn't be given the desire to play music if you didn't have the capacity to achieve it. I help people every day all over the world to achieve their dream using step-by-step systems that I've been refining for over 40 years. I'd like to help you.

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  1. thanks once again for all the good work you do Tomas…

    a question on the the speed developer-1 exercise : what about the right hand? should one use all picking fingers?

    many thanks


    1. Hi Khia,

      The right hand is another issue altogether and is different depending on whether you are using fingers or a pick. I cover this in detail along with exercises in my course Real Guitar Awesomeness, but in summary you would alternate the index and middle finger OR use up/down picking with a pick.


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