Beginning Guitar 101: Lesson #1 – First Beginner Chords: D and A7


This is the first video in my series Guitar Chords for Beginners. In this series I will teach a beginner from the very first chords on the guitar to playing simple songs. This series is aimed at the rank beginner, but if you've been playing for a little while you'll find some tip here that will help you progress more rapidly. 

I deliberately kept these videos short and “bite-sized” to make them easy to watch and work on. I've included the basics of strumming, changing chords quickly and smoothly, correct fingering, common chord progressions and some basic guitar theory. If you watch AND practice all 17 lessons you will have a good foundation on the guitar.

P.S. Learning guitar is not an intellectual pursuit. Watch, take action and play beautiful guitar.

Guitar Chords for Beginners 1 – D and A7

In this first video from my series “Learning to Play Guitar Chords for Beginners” I’m going to show you the two basic foundation chords. We’re going to start with D and A7. Take a look at the example in the video on how to finger the D chord. With the left hand and my first finger on the third string behind the second fret. Second finger behind the second fret on the first string and third finger in between. Look to see that your fingers are angled up and down, not flattened down and you should have some space in there.

Try to keep your hand relaxed

If you’re going to practice just take your fingers off and put them back on. Nice clear notes, keeping as close to the frets but not on top. I like to put the pad of my thumb at about the middle of the back of the neck. Use just enough tension so your hand could fall off if you relaxed a little more.

Moving On to The A7 Chord

Let’s go to A7. Move the first two fingers over one string. You take the third finger off. That’s the first finger, second fret and fourth string. Second finger, second string, second fret. So that’s the third string open in between. Now move those two fingers over and play the D, back to A7 and back to D.



Lesson #2

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Tomas Michaud

Playing guitar and creating music is a dream come true for me. I know it can be for you too. You wouldn't be given the desire to play music if you didn't have the capacity to achieve it. I help people every day all over the world to achieve their dream using step-by-step systems that I've been refining for over 40 years. I'd like to help you.

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  1. Hola Miguel…comó estás?..aprendi los primeros dos agordos..El A7 y el D…me vá muy bien…estoy praticando todos los dias..every day..3 a 5 duelen los dedos-)
    ¿fingers?..pero bueno..sin pratica sale neda…
    Saludos Manuel

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