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Malagueña Bass Note Riff Spanish Guitar Lesson


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  1. Love your lessons. Something that would he helpful is if it were possible to pause and back up a little instead of watching the whole thing again.

    1. Hi Chuck. The video player is provided by YouTube. If you click in the lower right hand corner it will go to the YouTube website. There you can control the video (stop, backup, etc.) Hope this helps. -Tomas

  2. Another thing that would be great is if the download had the rest of what you’re playing after the E and Am, the individual picking. Also couldn’t see your right hand to see the fingers you’re using and the style of picking the three strings at once. I still love the lessons. Also, it would be nice to pause and back up. That would help me a lot. I’ve watched this video about six times.

  3. I have it down. Of course I still need to practice but the lesson is very clear and easy especially if studied in sections. Thank you so much!

  4. I guess I’ve been here before. This time it is working better for me. Thanks for the backup and pause. I would really love all this on paper. So printing the tabs for the whole thing would be greatly appreciated. I love this tune.

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