How To Strum The Guitar – Strumming Patterns You’ll Love





This is the first video from my series 9 Advanced Guitar Strumming Patterns You’ll Love. I chose these strums because they have been some of my most useful strums I’ve taught over the years. They work for a wide variety of music and provide a good foundation to create variations and new strums. They also sound good.

I’m teaching these strums on an acoustic guitar using a pick. All of these strums can easily be adapted to work with fingers also.



If you like this video and want the rest of the strums along with a workbook I created for this series that includes all the patterns and some extra tips, just head over to this page:

Get The Complete  “9 Advanced Guitar Strumming Patterns You’ll Love here

It’s absolutely free. I’ll ask for your name and email and then send you a link to the lesson site.







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Tomas Michaud

Playing guitar and creating music is a dream come true for me. I know it can be for you too. You wouldn't be given the desire to play music if you didn't have the capacity to achieve it. I help people every day all over the world to achieve their dream using step-by-step systems that I've been refining for over 40 years. I'd like to help you.

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    1. Hello Gil,

      Thanks to you as well.
      Tomas Michaud would love to hear your progress.

      Have fun playing guitar.


      Starland Guitar
      Customer Support

    1. Hello Dennis,

      I tried to click on play for videos 1 and 3 and it also works just fine for me.
      The usual reason why videos wont play is the slow internet connection.
      You might just be experiencing such during the time you tried to play the videos.
      Kindly try to play it now. If in case it still not working, please inform me
      as I am going to try to figure out what might be the cause.

      Take care.

      Starland Guitar
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  1. Sir,
    I listen to your first strum. I am from Trinidad in the West Indies. That strum is not a Calypso Strum. Trinidad is the birth place of Calypso you will find a variety of strums for calypso on youtube.

  2. Ì you can provide example song for each song then it will be awesome. By the way, it dose not have to be a song, it can be a list of song that we can use to practise for each drumming pattern.

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