What if I’m a complete newbie?
Well, the fact is, if you’re a complete newbie this is perfect for you. I’ve built the course so it teaches you the basics and everything you need to do to get started, and I’ll take you right through the stuff you need to do in a step by step manner.

How long will I take to complete all the modules?
There’s a ton of stuff here. This course is designed to be a 2 to 3 year program, but everyone goes at their own pace, and there’s no one that you have to compete with. A lot of how quickly you progress will depend on how much you practice.

What if I’m not talented. Are there some people who just can’t learn guitar?
This is a question I get all the time from adults at my school. Most people really over rate the role of natural ability in learning a new skill like playing guitar. Unless you are medically diagnosed as tone deaf (which is rare) you can learn to play beautiful music on the guitar. The keys are quite simply good instruction, practice and persistence.




Will I learn to play songs?
The answer is yes and no. The quickest way to learn a complex skill like playing guitar is by repeating specific movements and mental patterns over and over. This is best done by isolating those elements into short patterns that can be repeated quickly. Learning by playing songs is a slow road because you would have to play the entire song over and over to work on one specific element. I’ve developed a series of short techniques and patterns that allow you to get the repetition you need in a more efficient way, and still sound good. Then I’ll teach you how to apply these to learning songs.

Over time you will be able to learn songs quickly and easily by recognizing the patterns, and your fingers will know just what to do.

What if I’m already playing guitar?
Perfect! Easy Guitar Awesomeness will take you to that next level. This will help you straighten out any bad habits you may have collected and make everything you already know more useful.

Am I too old to learn to play guitar? Won’t it take too long?
It’s never too late to play guitar for your own pleasure and to touch your family and friends with your music. Think about this – if you’re 60 now and are worried that it might take 3 years to play guitar, ask yourself this question – “how old will I be in 3 years if I don’t start learning the guitar? Would I rather be 63 and enjoying playing guitar or 63 and wishing I’d learned to play guitar?”

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