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"I can't tell you how much I am enjoying your live videos on your teaching.  You are awesome and easy to follow.  My grandson plays drums (he's only 10) and even stops what he's doing to listen."

-- Debra Sickles; San Leandro, CA

"Thank you for your wonderful online guitar lessons. I'm a 52 year old British teacher, teaching English in China. Last week  I was able play a song, first time, to my students,  I was a hit. Could not have done it without your great teaching. I still think you are the best guitar teacher out there and I have learnt a lot from your online lessons."

-- Giovanni Soave; currently in China

You are a masterful teacher. (I once supervised hundreds of public school teachers so feel qualified to make that judgement.) Thank you for enhancing both my level of enjoyment and my progress in learning to play the guitar.

-- Donald McBride, Florida

"Just a quick note to say how great I think your training is. I subscribed probably a year ago...but was too impatient to get competent fast...so i tried to race through your lessons...and of course burned out and quit for awhile. But now I am going slowly..enjoying the journey rather than focusing on the destination and I am having much more fun. You are a great, caring teacher and I really appreciate what you have put together here."

-- Curt Berrien, Berkeley, CA