Beginning Guitar 101: Lesson #16- Arpeggios and E A G C


​Okay, here we are. It’s time to do Arpeggios and that chord progression together.

​Arpeggios & Chord Progression: E – G – A – C

​In Beginning Guitar 101 16, the chord progression is E, G, A and C. That’s a fairly common chord progression used in the song House Of The Rising Sun.

All Together Now

Now let’s do an Arpeggio with it, E, G, A, and C. So E I’m using the sixth string for the bass note, G I’m using the sixth string, A the fifth string and C. Do it with me, E, G, A. Now that was in time. What I mean by that is each chord was exactly four beats and you can only play enough notes to make up those four beats. You can’t play all the G all the way up to the sixth string and all the way back down and make it go in four beats with a steady pulse.

4 Beat Pattern

​Watch what I’m doing, E from the bass up, I have to stop there and come back after that note back down. That was the B note, the second string. On the G also the second string I stop and come back down. On the A I can go all the way to the high string, the first string and C.

When In Doubt…More Practice

Okay, practice that, that chord progression just like I just did it. We’re going to use it again later. Take care.

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